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$60 double room. $80 single room.
All year around! For any dates!
For 5 years - more than 2500 guests.
We are attentive to details!
Our uniqueness:
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Yoga-retreat all year around!
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Vegetarian food!
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Very interesting program!

$60/day - all inclusive:

1. Accommodation in hotel SatvaSamui (2 minutes to sea)

2. Healthy breakfast and lunch

3. Yoga classes 2 times a day at sunrise and at sunset. Every day - complexes of asanas for correction of the spine

4. Individual consultation with the master yoga by Dmitry Vrubel. Includes diagnostics of the spine, personal recommendations

5. Ayurvedic diagnostics "VedaPulse", which will show you the general state of your health. Develop a program for your food and lifestyle according to constitution of your body.

6. Ayurvedic 3-days herbal detox

7. Teaching the three techniques of meditation on all occasions

8. 3 excursions in 8 places

9. Bicycles on retreat time

10. Every evening - a mantra-meditation with live music (hang, gong, harmonium, guitars)

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Welcome to Koh Samui!

The island is located in the Siam bay in the South China Sea

All year: +30°C
Sea: +29°C
Very sunny!
Very smily!

For staying less than 28 days - a visa is not needed!!

Where will I live?

Hotel SatvaSamui is located in a very quiet part of the island

Free Wi-Fi

Hot shower



Sea-view on 3rd floor

100 meters to the sea

Secluded beach

Waterpool with sea salt

Beautiful places near hotel!
The hotel is surrounded by pristine nature
Practices of relaxation, yoga and massage will help you achieve a complete relaxation
In our cozy hotel only 12 rooms
Hurry up to book your own!
Standart studio (2-3 persons)
Family room (3-4 persons)

What about my nutrition?

In our yoga-hotel is a very satisfying and healthy vegetarian menu.
We can provide vegan and raw diet.

Yoga classes 2 times a day at sunrise and sunset

You quickly strengthen your back muscles by practicing yoga twice a day

Who will be my teacher?

Dmitry Vrubel

Namaste, dear friends!

I practice yoga, meditation and ayurveda since 2002. Professionally I teach yoga since 2006, I am Member of the International Yoga Alliance. I develop individual programs in accordance with the diagnosis results of Veda Pulse.

I attend training of yoga instructors with issuing an international certificate.

I am happy to share with you the knowledge of yoga!

Tatyana Vrubel

Namaste, dear friends!

I practice yoga, meditation and ayurveda Since 2003. I am a certified teacher of yoga and Thai massage.

I have been teaching since 2013. Along with hatha-yoga I use in my practice meditation and musical therapy.

I will share with you unique relaxation techniques!

Eulalia Kieltyka

An experienced instructor of Paddle Board, lifeguard and swimming instructor. Eulalia received her qualifications - HND Higher National Diploma in Fife College, Scotland.

Her unique personality, enthusiasm and care for others results in every person being approached individually and their needs being fulfilled entirely during training and lessons.

SUP Board


Swimming lessons on the SUP Board effects of the SUP training:

You can clearly see the effects after just a short period of time. The training develops muscles, reduces body fat and also gives the brain a healthy dose of endorphins, which positively affects one's well-being.

It is very relaxing training done on flat water. It is the perfect exercise for stomach and thigh muscles, which greatly perfects balance and coordination.

The average number of calories you can burn off during the training is from 615 to 708 calories per hour.

Price for an hour-long lesson including a board: 400THB

Aqua aerobic


The perfect activity for everyone! What will you gain thanks to lessons in water?

A great well-being & fit body
Strong and elastic muscles
Better functioning heart and lungs
You will improve your neuromuscular coordination
You will improve your posture overtime
You will avoid getting injured, over training and being overtired

Aqua aerobic is a fantastic training for anyone thanks to the application of the aqua marine environment. It is very wideranged and works supportively for your body. Additionally, training in water reduces the appearance of stress, reduces fatigue and also positively affects your well-being. Aqua aerobic is very effective, safe and brings amazing satisfaction and relaxation.

Price: 400 THB per person Cost for a group of 3-5 people will come at only 250 THB per person

3-days detox

Our detox-cocktails contain only natural fruit juices and Ayurvedic herbs.
It gently and deeply cleanse your body of toxins and parasites!
Our practice detox is not only useful, but also very tasty!

3 excursions to 8 amazing places

Schedule your day:

6:00-7:30 Yoga on sunrise
8:00-9:00 Breakfast
9:00-13:00 Free time (beach, massage)
13:00-14:00 Lunch
14:00-18:00 Excursion
18:00-19:00 Yoga on sunset
19:00-20:00 Dinner (not inclusive, for order)
20:00-20:30 Meditation
20:30-21:30 Seminars

Frequently asked questions:

- How I can get to Samui?

To Samui, every hour fly direct planes from Bangkok and Phuket. Flight time is 1 hour. Also, you can get to Koh Samui by bus with a ferry transfer. It is longer in time, but cheaper.

- When is the best season?

On Koh Samui all year round an excellent season: warm sea, sun, lots of fruit, little rain, temperature + 29 ° C ... + 33 ° C.

Each month is good in its own way: January-March - the most comfortable, many tourists, April-May - the hottest period, in the summer a lot of fruit, in November and December more rain! Come any time of the year!

- I'm not a vegetarian. Will it comfortable for me?

Most of our guests are non-vegetarians. But they really like our food, and they ask for recipes. The food in the hotel is balanced, nutritious, nutritious and tasty. All the guests celebrate this.

- I'm new to yoga. Will this practice suit me?

Many of our guests are beginners in yoga, and they succeed. Our program is suitable for beginner and intermediate level, as well as for "advanced". From the first classes you will learn how to properly perform asanas and begin to monitor your breathing. Our experienced yoga masters will take care that everything works out for you. We have an individual approach to every guest.

- What excursions are included?

We will visit with you the most beautiful places of the island: temples, mountains, waterfalls, observation platforms in the mountains. Our Russian guide will tell you interesting stories about the island, and you can make beautiful photos.

- When is the rainy season?

The rainy season on Koh Samui is weakly expressed. Rains usually go in November-December and early January. But these are short-term warm rains, which usually go at night, while the day is dry and sunny. But maybe it's a cloudy day. Such rains only in joy, and the sea at this time is very warm!

- Where is the hotel located?

The hotel is in a quiet tranquil part of the island, away from the bustling streets and the main road. But the infrastructure is nearby. Tourist street, supermarket - 10 minutes drive from the hotel. Near the hotel there is a shop, restaurants, and a fruit shop can be reached by bicycle in 7 minutes.

- How to book a retreat?

To make a reservation, you need to pay a deposit of $170, and pay the rest of the amount upon arrival at the hotel in dollars. Also, you need to buy tickets in advance, as long as there is a choice, and until the price has risen.

Make booking today and get 1 day for free!

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